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Product Package Polarity VRRM PPPM IFSM Mounting
SMCJ5.0A(CA) thru SMCJ440A(CA) SMC  Bi-directional Uni-directional  5-440 V  1500 W  200 A  SMT 
P6KE_Series DO-15  Bi-directional Uni-directional  6.8-600 V  600 W  100 A  THT 
SMF5(C) thru SMF170(C)A SOD-123FL  Bi-directional Uni-directional  5-170 V  200 W  20 A  SMT 
SMBJ5.0A(CA) thru SMBJ440A(CA) SMB  Bi-directional Uni-directional  5-440 V  600 W  100 A  SMT 
SD03H thru SD36H SOD-323  Uni-directional  3.3-36 V  900 W  SMT 
AMSMAJ5.0A(CA) thru AMSMAJ440A(CA) SMA  Bi-directional Uni-directional  5-440 V  400 W  40 A  SMT 
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